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Services and Capabilities

Here is a peek of some of the fields of Cygnus' expertise

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Equipment Troubleshooting and Repairs

We have extensive experience with a broad variety of equipment, controllers, and instrumentation. Some industries we service include manufacturing, water treatment, power generation, and much more. We also have facilities to troubleshoot and repair circuit boards.

project 2

Custom Electronics Assembly

Circuit board/PCB assembly is one of our passions. Boards are fabricated and tested right here in Whitehorse using lead-free manufacturing processes.

project 3

Logging Systems

We design, manufacture, and install logging and data collection systems for weather & permafrost monitoring, HVAC & building science, materials testing, and more.

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Are your IT and OT assets safe? We perform audits of corporate and control system networks, develop actionable plans for securing your assets and disaster recovery, as well as provide installation and support for security infrastructure.

Data Analysis

Logging and data collection systems can produce overwhelming amounts of data. We can help by providing data analysis services, automating your report generation, and developing custom dashboards (interact with the graph at left).

project 6

Custom Embedded Design

We provide full hardware and software development services for embedded products and systems. Allow us to bring your idea to realization and manufacture it right here in Yukon.

project 7


We provide on-site calibration services for a variety of sensors and instrumentation in the fields of weather and air quality, safety systems, water treatment plants, and more.

project 8

SCADA Systems

We provide full SCADA development and deployment services for new installations as well as provide integration into existing systems. Automating process supervision and alarms can provide you with instant notification of issues, and comprehensive data collection can provide valuable information for process monitoring and proactive decision making.

project 9

Custom Control Panels

We design, manufacture, program, and install instrumentation and PLC control panels to your specifications. We can also integrate with your existing systems to provide seamless upgrades.

  • project 1


    Repairs and maintenance

  • project 2

    Circuit Assembly

    Electronics manufacturing

  • project 3

    Logging Systems

    Instrumentation and measurement

  • project 4


    IT and OT asset protection

  • project 5

    Data Analysis

    Data processing and reporting

  • project 6

    Embedded Design

    Hardware and software

  • project 7

    Sensor Calibration

    Keeping instrumentation in spec

  • project 8

    SCADA Systems

    Custom systems for remote control

  • project 9

    Custom Control Panels

    Panels for management and control


Our products are designed and manufactured in Yukon. Contact us with your requirements; custom design services are available.


  • RS-485 enabled sensor interface board for environmental monitoring. Reads up to 12 thermistors as well as 8 single-ended 0-5V analog sensors simultaneously. Features high resolution measurements, multiple power outputs, and much more.
  • 12x resistance and 8x 0-5V inputs
  • Buffered thermistor inputs
  • Low cost


  • Embedded logging computer for Modbus devices. Can aggregate and store data in CSV files from any Modbus-compatible device. Suitable for unattended and remote installations.
  • Ethernet, Wifi, and LTE communication options
  • Cloud or USB-based data retrieval
  • Works with Modbus RTU and TCP devices


  • Mass airflow measurement controller for ducts and HVAC systems. Measures pressure across an orifice plate or flow collar, as well as atmospheric pressure and temperature to determine air motion through a pipe.
  • High resolution
  • Yields flow velocity, volume, and mass
  • RS-485 enabled

USB to RS485

  • Isolated USB to RS-485 adapter for industrial applications. DIP switches can enable line biasing and termination, and can sync the isolated grounds as required. Comes in 1, 2, and 4 RS-485 port versions.
  • 1, 2, and 4 port versions
  • 2kV isolation
  • USB bus powered


  • USB JTAG adapter for embedded development. Based on the Dangerous Prototypes Bus Blaster, this JTAG adapter features a reprogrammable CPLD buffer that can emulate a variety of JTAG adapters, allowing you to use whatever software you wish!
  • Works with Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • JTAG and UART target interfaces
  • Open Source!

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